ChristianRock.Net Rotation

  Cold Winter Sun - Demon Hunter (Outlive)
  Coming Clean - Attalus (Into The Sea)
  Darkness - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (Identity Crisis)
  Deathgrip - Fit For A King (Deathgrip)
  Embers - Drive Thru Society (Soteria)
  Erase - Disciple (Long Live The Rebels)
  Feel Invincible - Skillet (Unleashed)
  Flickering Flame - Wolves At The Gate (Types & Shadows)
  Leave It All Behind - Last Day Rising (Last Day Rising)
  Lost In The Smoke - Scarlet White (Lost In The Smoke)
  Shatter To Pieces - In The Verse (Transformer)
  Wash Away - As We Ascend (Farewell to Midnight)

  Black Honey - Thrice (To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere)
  Echoes & Reflections - Awaken (Echoes & Reflections)
  Heart - AsFireFalls (World In Grey)
  Hunger Strike - Seventh Day Slumber (Redline)
  I'm Not Laughing - Lacey Sturm (Life Screams)
  I've Got The Power - Fireflight (Innova)
  Lay It Down - Crossing Fire (Crossing Fire)
  Never Too Late - Wake Up Sunday (Never Looking Back)
  Nightmare - Veracity (Beautiful Mess)
  Push - Thousand Foot Krutch (Exhale)
  Way You Love Me - XXI (Inside Out)
  You Remain - Foreverlin (You Remain)

  Anchor Me - Decyfer Down (The Other Side of Darkness)
  Beneath The Skin - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (Identity Crisis)
  Beyond The Stars - Spoken (Breathe Again)
  Birds Will Never Fly - Come Wind (Move In Place)
  Can't Take It - Estoria (The War)
  Coma - Everything In Slow Motion (Laid Low)
  Come Alive - Matty Mullins (Matty Mullins)
  Everything - Xd Out (Better Day)
  Fame - Grasslands (Pariah)
  Mirror - Kutless (Surrender)
  Set Sail - Attaboy (Vitals)
  Something Divine - NYVES (Anxiety)
  Speak - Foreverlin (Still After)
  Stay After Me - Ever Burning Bright (Stay After Me)
  Stay With Me - Boiling Point (More)
  Still Breathing - Veridia (Still Breathing)
  Tell Me Why - 6th Day Made (Tell Me Why)
  The Fire - The Persuaded (Broken & Reborn)
  The Maze - Light45 (Decibels)
  Unknown Land - Graceful Closure (Unknown Land)