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Cloak and Dagger by The Grave Denial
Cloak and Dagger (2019)
Label: Independent

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Cloak and Dagger by The Grave Denial

Hold our breath and count to ten
How much more can we take of this
We're all plugged in yet we're all alone
We all line up to sell our soul

Oooooo ahhhhh ooooooo oaaaaahhh

Have we fallen under cloak and dagger
Smoke and mirror
Will they ever find us ,
Now it's time to rise up
We are the Chosen
To shatter this cloak and dagger

In the dark we all feel safe
We hide the truth that lights our way
We're all plugged in as we drift to sleep
Into our fantasy…..

Under cloak and dagger


O -my- god- have we lost the fight
By our words we live and Die
Have we lost the will to live a life

Oh my god please make it right
Let these scales fall from our eyes

It's all Cloak and dagger ........



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