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Dying For A Heart by Krystal Meyers
Dying For A Heart (2006)
Label: Essential

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Collide by Krystal Meyers

(Verse 1)
Like a spotlight that breaks into the darkness
Like an arrow that's racing to its target
I got you in my sight
I am fixed on you
And I can feel you callin'
Looking for me too

(Pre Chorus 1)
Nothing's gonna stop me cuz I'm on a mission
I'm gettin ready for a demolition

Crash into me
I want to be
Broken by you
And made brand new

(Verse 2)
In the aftermath of your hurricane
It won't be what I lost but what I stand to gain
So bring your storm to me
Cuz I know when it's through
The clouds will roll away
And the sky will turn to blue

(Pre-Chorus 2)
Nothing's gonna stop me I know what I'm not doing
Make something beautiful come out of a ruin

Rearrange me
Only you can save me



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