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Fight Of My Life by The Insyderz
Fight Of My Life (1998)
Label: KMG

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Paradise by The Insyderz

I awoke on a beautiful day
Step outside to see the sun
Shining down on me
Take a big deep breath and think
There's no other place that I want to be
I look at the sky and the grass and the trees
At the neat things living in the sea
I ask myself how this could be
That God made this so great for me

I want to see just what it's like
To catch a glimpse of paradise

Can't even fathom the scene
Imagine all the possibilities
All the things we've ever dreamed
Will be ours to touch to taste and see
The Gate to riches is in front of me
I have my faith, that's all that I need
It's so easy, I just want you to see
Shut your eyes and take a giant leap



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