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That's What People Do by Thousand Foot Krutch
That's What People Do (1998)
Label: Independent

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Small Town by Thousand Foot Krutch

I heard a place not too far from here, is
handing out answers
about why we are here, and it's a small
town, in a
small world, and the congregation's
small too, but somehow I
think they're telling the truth; and in the
same small town there is a girl, she's a
good looker but she's mad at the world,
and she's wonderin' about tomorrow
and why she's here, and she's sick and
tired of using her sleeve to wipe her

And you can tell by the look that's in her
eyes that she's not
well, she wishes someone would close
their eyes, and
picture this for just a moment to them-

At least that's what they say, at least
that's what they,
that's what they say, that's what they
say, at least that's what
they say;

She sits alone, she's a re-run queen, the
sun shines through
her window enough to make out her fig-
urine; Her neighbours
look at her strange, 'cause she's lived
there her whole life,
and they still don't know her name; She
likes to keep to
herself, 'cause she can't find nobody



Yeah, yeah, What they say, what they
what they say, what they say, and I don't
what they say, what they say, what they
what they say, and I don't care;

She wanders through the town, to find
this place she's heard
about, thinking maybe they can figure
out what's
wrong, they greet her with a smile, say
they've been waiting
for quite some while, just to let her
know she's worth more
than she's ever dreamed of,
And her heart opens wide, and for the
first time in her life,
she feels the touch of JESUS deep
inside, she
wonders what went wrong, in a town
where nothing's going on, and
thinks of all the others that she knows;

And she said, and she said, and she said,
and she said.....



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