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We As Human by We As Human
We As Human (2013)
Label: Atlantic

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Take The Bullets Away by We As Human

I've got my finger on the trigger
One bullet in the gun
I'm spinning the revolver
Thinking this could be the one

I tried to find religion
To see what I'd become
I was ruined by the world
But I blamed it on the Son

Am I worthless?
Am I filthy?
Am I too far gone for a remedy?
Will You help me?
Cause I'm dying
To be something more than a memory

Can I trust You?
Will You help me see the light of one more day?
Take the bullets away

I tried to build resistance
I tried to start a war
But no one ever listened
I bottled up the storm

You're so disarming
There's nothing left to fear
You're so disarming
I drop all my weapons to show you that I'm not afraid...



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