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Between Thieves by Between Thieves
Between Thieves (1997)
Label: Tattoo

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To The End by Between Thieves

When I met you it was heaven
You brought out the best in me
But different roads we chose
And yours was not the one for me
The tearing apart, the breaking of my heart
I should have known for I played the part
Girl I want you back again
But I wish you could understand

I could compromise my beliefs
I could come around to your way of thinking
I could ignore my principles and all God has done for me
But I say, no I don't think so

To the end, to the end
To the end I will stand strong
To the end, to the end
To the end I will stand strong

My mind is spinning round and round
I need to get away and think
I find myself in a smoke filled room
Someone offers me a drink
Should I take of this forbidden fruit
Or should I not be drunk with wine
Should I follow my Father's will
Or should I follow mine

God, I won't compromise my beliefs
I have come around to Your way of thinking
I am clay within Your hands
A slave to Your commands
And I say to this world



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