Red Rated R

Rated R

The Fuel Music (2023)
Cold World (Red's latest single)
Surrogates (Top 5)
Red Declaration


Fuel Music (2020)
Sever (Number 1)
The War We Made
Red The Evening Hate

The Evening Hate

Fuel Music (2019)
The Evening Hate (Top 5)
Red Gone


Essential (2017)
Gone (Number 1)
Still Alive (Top 5)
Unstoppable (Top 5)
Red Of Beauty And Rage

Of Beauty And Rage

Essential (2015)
Darkest Part (Number 1)
Take Me Over (Top 5)
Yours Again (Top 5)
Red Release The Panic (Recalibrated)

Release The Panic (Recalibrated)

Provident (2014)
Run and Escape (Top 5)
Red Release The Panic

Release The Panic

Essential (2013)
Die For You (Top 5)
Hold Me Now
Perfect Life (Top 5)
So Far Away
Red Until We Have Faces

Until We Have Faces

Essential (2011)
Buried Beneath (Top 5)
Faceless (Number 1)
Feed The Machine (Number 1)
Who We Are (Top 5)
Red Innocence & Instinct

Innocence & Instinct

Essential (2009)
Death of Me (Number 1)
Fight Inside (Number 1)
Mystery of You (Top 5)
Never Be the Same (Top 5)
Red Innocence & Instinct (Deluxe Edition)

Innocence & Instinct (Deluxe Edition)

Essential (2009)
Ordinary World (Top 5)
Red End of Silence

End of Silence

Essential (2006)
Already Over (Top 5)
Break Me Down (Number 1)
Breathe Into Me (Number 1)
Let Go (Number 1)
Lost (Number 1)