Scott Stapp
Scott Stapp Higher Power

Higher Power

Napalm Records (2023)
Higher Power (Top 5)
What I Deserve (#2 this week in our Top 30)
Scott Stapp Space Between The Shadows

Space Between The Shadows

Napalm (2019)
Face of the Sun (Number 1)
Purpose For Pain (Number 1)
World I Used To Know
Scott Stapp Proof of Life

Proof of Life

Wind Up (2013)
Hit Me More
Only One (Number 1)
Proof of Life (Number 1)
Slow Suicide (Number 1)
Scott Stapp The Great Divide

The Great Divide

Wind Up (2005)
Surround Me
Scott Stapp The Passion of the Christ - Songs

The Passion of the Christ - Songs

Provident (2004)
Relearn Love