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Proof of Life by Scott Stapp
Proof of Life (2013)
Label: Wind Up

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Slow Suicide by Scott Stapp

I'm not evil
No matter what you think of me
I'm just human
There's a part of you that's just like me

I have fallen
I have broken every piece
Heard heaven calling
I could only reach this from my knees
and now I believe

I can't let this life pass me by
In a blink of an eye it ends
I can't let my tomorrows decide
What I am in this life
It's like committing slow suicide

It's no secret
I can't pretend, I can't forget
What I've done
Every day I live with the consequences
I let it beat me, let it kick me, let it throw me to the floor
Those days are over
I'm moving forward
It can't hurt me
and now I believe


So many days I chose to suffer, living a lie
So many ways I chose to die
Oh, had to feel less than nothing
Shame and suffering
To see with my own eyes
I wasn't living
I was committing
Committing slow suicide
Committing slow suicide

And now I believe


Committing slow suicide
Committing slow suicide



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