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Carman - The Champion Soundtrack by KJ52
Carman - The Champion Soundtrack (2000)
Label: Essential

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12th Round Knockout by KJ52

It's a 12th round knockout
It's a 12th round knockout
It's a 12th round knockout
I'm going all 12 rounds
and I'm never gonna drop

I keep my eyes focused as time is ticking to the final moments
My opponents try to approach us but they can't hold us
How you gonna stop it son when your plan's hopeless
We got a Father shining on us with angelic soldiers
I keep my gloves on with every challenge that's brung on
Back against the ropes I still hung on
I been swung on and told I wouldn't last long
But I was the only one standing at the last gong
So c'mon bring it on now if ya got it
'Cause even with a pair of brakes son you couldn't stop it
My head down hands swinging to the last round
Toe for toe, pound for pound till the bell sounds
My feet moving more than conquering I'm never losing
My eyes on the prize even when the crowd's booing
King of kings guide every punch that I swing
it's a 12th round knockout, let the bell ring

Satan put your dukes up I mean yeah
Ya crews but they ain't looking too tough
So when ya cruise up (what then?)
I stay covered in the blood of the Lamb from the shoes up
Pull my boots up, throw my gloves on
Bobbing and weaving, ducking and dodging, c'mon
I got plenty more whatever ya gots I say ready for
12 rounds make it 24

There goes the final bell sound
I watch the crowd jump to they feet like a last-second touchdown
Trying to stop me?
That's like using your feet to try to slow a truck down
You bette' duck down when this uppe' cut comes 'round
We come down to make it phat without even gaining one pound
Anyone city or one town
We proclaim the God who reigns from the sun up to the sun down



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