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Ceili Rain by Ceili Rain
Ceili Rain (1998)
Label: Punch

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666 Degrees by Ceili Rain

Thank heaven for the simple things
Room to dance, a girl to bring
Between the tunes, a glass of gin
And dosey-doe, you've fallen in
Take "what's-her-number" by the hand
And say: "This way to the promised land"
But you don't need your overcoat
'Cause where you're headed, you won't freeze
666 degrees - 666 degrees

A 99 in chemistry
They say: "A doctor you could be!
You'll heal some sick, you'll make some friends
Among them is Mercedes Benz"
You love the life, you live it high
A scalpel slips, a patient dies
But you win your case and wait to hear
The judgment that the judge decrees -
Oh, look out
666 degrees - 666 degrees

We live a life of deep regret
Where heaven is no easy bet
The right and proper way to go
The wisest of us never know
But if you're here for my advice
Check your motives, check 'em twice
'cause should you sit with Satan
You would sell your soul for just a breeze
666 degrees - 666 degrees
666 degrees - 666 degrees



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