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A Beautiful Glow by Rock N Roll Worship Circus
A Beautiful Glow (2003)
Label: INO

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A Beautiful Glow by Rock N Roll Worship Circus

Everyday I've lived alone from you
seperated from the Love I knew
and no one else can tell me how to feel
'cuz there has never been a love more real ' than anyone but You...

So come on, come on and open me,
there's A Beautiful Glow for You to see
(your livin' in a heart made for me
to shine for You, to shine through me)

with your glory spinning in my mind
and Your lovely lighting up my eyes
I have never known a Love so true
and I could never give my heart away to
anyone but You
to anyone but You...
and all I have is all I am in You
(all I am is all I have in you)
and all I ahve is all I am in you
(all I am is all I have)



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