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Above by Pillar
Above (2000)
Label: Flicker

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Above by Pillar

For all those people i've met
Thinkin' i live my life in regret for all those choices i've made
i have the utmost respect for my lord
he's given me the ultimate reward
of life in heaven when i'm gone from here
i'll get goin' when my lord appears
so take time realize just one thing
to give it up 'cause He's your one KING

everything to my God above
He's my one and only true love
everything to my God above
He's my one and only true love
everything i've dreamed of
keeps me going through my day
and through my night and
through my week
he's every-thing i'd ever want
everything to my God above
he's my one and only true love

here i go again i get myself a paper and pen
sit down start to pray and i write about my life of sin
all those years when i didn't know him
well now i do and his love is showin'
everything he's ever done everything he'll ever do
take him inside he'll do the same thing for you
i know you think you can talk the talk
let me see you do it now
let me see you walk the walk
those skies come down to take me home



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