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Attack by Disciple
Attack (2014)
Label: Independent

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Angels & Demons by Disciple

I was off the beaten path I thought that I was free at last living in the shadows paranoid and breathing fast, knees collapse so get away it's too late to save me day and night I run and hide wishing you would forget me in the shadows You denied my suicide, I came alive and now I know

(Not one) Nothing can tear us apart
Nothing can separate me
Nothing can break us apart
Nothing can separate
No angel, no demon, no danger, no enemy
(Not one) Nothing can break us apart
There's not one thing that can separate me

I was just a runaway, full of pain in love with hate looking for a reason I could only speculate to my fate until the day that you came to save me from each trap every attack I had life but you gave it a reason perfect love has filled me up, I am alive and now I know

Nothing can separate!



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