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Fluorescent Jellyfish by FurtherMore
Fluorescent Jellyfish (1999)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Another Dimension by FurtherMore

Come along to another dimension, not at all an impossible mission, no competition, no war to wage, silly straw minds unwind with age I have an obscure verse crystal clear and here's my deluxe surplus just a clue of the far fetched stuff I come up within the lime green walls monkeyshine through check one two spring into a somersault I saw autumn run into a halt, I might vault myself speeding to solar systems leading light years astray maybe my fault, not the season for assault stash you away way back in the attic, one two three I've had it, the dream I mean to better the scene, better than supreme I mean everything and the kitchen sink in the song can't go without love for long I have an obscure verse crystal clearly, beloved dearly and in no way nearly as good as I can get and I will bet that I will live up to my hope, I know one thing if there's a thin line between love and hate I walk the tightrope, come in close so I can choke the life out of your life as someone else, you come back and revisit yourself if you believe type of thing is like falling in love with the mirror but what's more clear is life viewed through those in the fun house wave goodbye to waters without war by stirring up the stillness without my sitting on a fence is just a stand by cause I don't want to waste my time 'til it runs out



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