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KJ52 Remixed by KJ52
KJ52 Remixed (2006)
Label: BEC

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Are You Real (Oregon Trail Remix) by KJ52

So much stress keeps running through my mind now
Fell into a mess that I wish that I could climb out
I guess I'll hide it, so nobody will find out
The way everyone thinks that everything is fine now
(But it ain't fine now)
At home, things are messed up with Mom and Dad
And at school all my friends stab me in the back
No one is real anymore; I hate the way they act
There's so many things that I wish I had

It was right at the time when everything changed
I started looking at these things in a different way
I saw my life through God's eyes and it wasn't the same
And it was right at the time I called on your name
Then I saw all these lies that was thrown my way
I recognized that I need you and on that day
I cried out and seek you, that was when you came
Now that I see you, I've been through a major change

And I believe that it's real 'cause it's so plain
I finally feel I can make it through anything
It don't matter what they speak now or if they hate
They can't keep me down no more 'cause I seen your face

Now or never will I be ashamed
Cuz I'm a stayin' strong, I never been this way
I know that he's real, it's gonna be ok
I hear you speaking in my ear, this is what you say
(I know you're real, and it's so plain)

Flee the scene, flee the scene
It's nothing but another galaxy, galaxy
And the answer now of everything, everything
Has switched a pace
I'm living in a spinning cage, spinning cage
Where everything is just a breath away, breath away
In the end I know I'm asking you, asking you
So are You real?

Are you real? I need to know
(I want to know)
Are you real? I need to know
(I want to know, you gotta let it show)

Are you real? I need to know
If you're real, then let it show



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