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Audio Adrenaline by Audio Adrenaline
Audio Adrenaline (1992)
Label: Forefront

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Audio World by Audio Adrenaline

People everywhere have something to say.
From the East to the West,
From here to Bombay.
Save the whales, save the planet
Save the eagles today.
From the mountains to the valleys,
To the rich and the poor;
Everybody has a voice, but they still want more.
They fight, they shout, they yell,
What they screaminí for,
Picket line, burning flags, magazines.
Couop-de-ta, kill the king.
See the people rally, hear them scream,
The worldís a speaker, listen to them sing.

Itís an Audio World
A world thatís reaching out to you.
Itís and Audio World
A world thatís dying to hear the truth.

You gotta show up, speak up, get the World told
Tell all the people, and youíve got to be bold
Just let the voice of God, in their hearts unfold
We make the message known by the anthems we sing
But thereís many of us who havenít done a thing
Be a sign waver for the Christ and the coming King

Letís preach and teach and spread the Word
Tell everybody, Ďtil everybodyís heard
Lit it be known, that itís for the King
And this is the reason that we sing



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