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Never Take Friendship Personal by Anberlin
Never Take Friendship Personal (2005)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Audrey, Start The Revolution by Anberlin

Maybe tonight we'll get back together
sound the alarms and break all the levers
These streets are ours, our anthem rings
You'd know the truth if these walls could sing

Amateur youth sling down those signs
Gather the masses, friends of mine
I've got your back if you've got my hand
This isn't over it just began

[Chorus x2:]
If this isn't love (This isn't love)
this is the closest I've ever been
Do you think we have a chance tonight?
as streetlights sing on Audrey's song

Remind your parents we're tomorrow
Lead with morals and we'll follow
When they wake up they'll see
that youth fades and glory days deceive

What are you waiting for? let's move on this
time is of essence, like your kiss
So say you're in with cards down
and guns drawn, this is it

[Chorus x2:]

But now it stops at this
We could take it all if only we would risk
You can be what you can conceive
Red letters kill your disbelief

We all make mistakes sometimes
We all fail but we stand tonight
Look past, learn, and move on
We're all here, you're not the only one

[Chorus x4:]



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