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Karaoke Superstar by Superchic[k]
Karaoke Superstar (2001)
Label: Inpop

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Barlow Girls by Superchic[k]

We met these sisters, Barlows their last name,
ordinary girls, they don't live in the fast lane
they don't rate with the guys that score,
cause they don't flaunt what the boys want more
they don't date, they won't date,
they wanna see how they're gonna grow up who they're gonna be,
in the meantime, they might feel unloved,
when all the girls around them are hooking up.
But I know for sure, it's never popular to be pure,
and while some guys might be passing them by
I think they've caught someone's eye

All the boys in the band
Want a valentine from a Barlow girl
Boys think they're the bomb
Cause they remind them of their mom

Everyone needs to be loved,
everyone needs their own teenage fan club,
any attention can feel like a good thing,
dress to impress, can be oh so tempting
you can get noticed with your body
sexual hypnosis by being hottie
you might feel like public property
you might you might, you shouldn't be
no girl should feel she has to trade her body
for love or be an old maid
and yes there are guys who are willing to wait
ask a Barlow girl on her wedding day




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