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The Mystery by Moriah
The Mystery (1998)
Label: Audience

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Blinded by Moriah

Fell asleep in the back seat
half way to new york city
my best friends drive'n
he's look'n tired too
headlights on a lonely bridge
from here on in it'll be wide open eye's

five hundred miles ago i was scared
prayed to God somehow i'd make it there
standing in the middle of these strangers
it'll be wide open eye's

(CHORUS) here's the picture
of God's wide eye's wonder
faith in the hands that mold me
as i travel Blinded

watched the sun go down all by myself
talked to God for long as night is
took my cross and put it down
and rested in His arms
I rested in His arms till the sun rose
till the sun rose yeah



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