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Double Take by Petra
Double Take (2000)
Label: Word

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Breathe In by Petra

When the rain was coming down on my face
Your love was the sun that I embraced
All the things in my heart for so long
Need to fall in the sea of forever gone
When there's days I could really fall in
It's in the dark you may see your only friend
So visit me in my castle of sand
Fill the walls with your presence once again

You can hear me, and I can feel you when...

I close my eyes and I dream of the day you'll come for me
I close my eyes and I dream
But until the day, I need your love to set me free
I want you to breathe into me

Living life is what I want out of me
To capture love and then to set it free
So give me wings and I'm out of here
to set in flight all the things you made so clear

I've walked the line, between love and fear
And took the time, to know life is sheer
Take me with you...
It moves too fast, oh this world I'm in
To face the past lets me rest again
I'll take you with me



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