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Flyleaf by Flyleaf
Flyleaf (2005)
Label: Octone

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Breathe Today by Flyleaf

You try your hardest to perfect your explanations...
You lie until they've run out of questions

You can only move as fast as those in front of you
And if you assume just like them, what good will it do?
So find out for yourself, so your ignorance will stop bleeding through.

Only one thing
big enough to fill the void that's inside of you
It's just a breath away. You can breathe today. Breathe today.

So many, Lies swarming, Around You, You're life is fading,
The emtpy, Space in you,
Steals your breath you're suffocating

Logic forces me to believe in this and now I've learned to see
I can only say what I've seen and heard and only you can choose
And every choice you make will affect you, search your own self

Only one thing,
Big enough to fill the void that's inside of you,
It's just a breath away,
You can breath it in today,
Breathe today



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