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Voices In The Night by Silverline
Voices In The Night (2010)
Label: Vertical Shift

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Broken Glass by Silverline

How did we get so far away
Maybe we moved too fast
and maybe the love in the photograph
was lost among the path.
and maybe we lost track of who we are
if only I had known
and maybe the lines drawn in the sand
are pointing the way back home.
Whooaa, whooaa

Memories behind the broken glass,
the dreams we used to have,
are fading but don't
throw it away, throw it away.
Now the frame has crashed,
standing on a shattered past,
this picture will last.

I don't make many promises,
I take them to heart,
So I meant what I said when I took your hand
I'll finish what I start.
Whooaa, whooaa

Though the good times come and go,
the promises remain,
So I'll stand with you through the fire and the flames
oh the good times come and go
these promises remain.



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