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Armageddon Massive by The Dingees
Armageddon Massive (1998)
Label: BEC

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Bulletproof by The Dingees

homeboys got some drugs pumpin' through his veins
you know he just ain't thinkin' the same
gonna feel like superman today
faster than a bullet more power than a train
now he feels like he can fly
he finds the stairs and begins to climb
as he steps out onto the roof... its more a mess

he thinks he's bulletproof
it's more a mess
he thinks he's bulletproof

skinhead girl come dance with me
your boyfriend wants to kill me and he's seven foot three
if this were a jungle he'd be swingin' from a tree
if this were a ring id be out by round3
‘cause i looked your way now he wanna black my eye
you wont calm him down no matter how hard you try
my face is feelin' sore and he turns back to you...
its more a mess



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