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Tunnel Vision by Channel Surfers
Tunnel Vision (1997)
Label: Organic

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C.T.C. by Channel Surfers

It's just another beautiful day
I think the town center deserves my presence
So I think I'll walk
A couple blocks to the record shop
This morning we went to Goldenwest
Nasal drains spilled down my chest
That's OK, it's summertime and I don't care

Summertime - it's all about the barbecue
Siesta in the sun with nothing much to do
Kick back - enjoy the sun
The slow-paced life for me
I get way too high-strung
Head for the C.T.C.

Sometimes I get it into my head
That I wanna get in my car
And take off to someplace I've never been
Always running out of money
(Which always seemed so funny)
I had to call Louie and Jake
"I'm on the corner of P.C.H. and 2nd Street
I'm stuck - come pick me up!"

Just another day
Working for the Parks and Rec.
I wonder what I should do next
Thinking that the day was way too good
To waste on work
So I finish and go to the kitchen
For a frozen burrito and a Coke
Jacob and myself, we head for the pier
'Cause we've got nothing left to do

In the summertime
Kicking back in the summertime
In the summertime
Kicking back in the summertime



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