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Circus, Circus by Silversyde
Circus, Circus (2011)
Label: Shamrock Media Group

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Circus, Circus by Silversyde

I could only sit still for one moment until you realized what I was saying to you
Life is hard sometimes as you've realized picking up the broken pieces tonight


A fool says in his own heart I'm giving up and there is no God all your life you've played that card in this Circus, Circus life is hard and there will be pain but nothing ventured is nothing gained never wanted to stay the same in this Circus, Circus now

Broken wounded you lie captive to your fight letting hurt and sorrow dictate your life emptiness closes in crushing you within reaching up for light now your cleansing begins

Hush one minute peace be still as the carousel slows down, all this time
you're searching, running, hiding from the one who'll make things right
Open up your eyes



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