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Jesus Freak by DC Talk
Jesus Freak (1995)
Label: Forefront

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Day By Day by DC Talk

I live a simple life, I take a day at a time.
I spend my mornings with God before i hit the grind.
The sublets of darkness never cease to amaze,
A a physical world creates a spiritual haze.

Blinded by distractions;
Lost in matterless affairs.
Reachings through the darkness;
Trusting you will meet me there.

Day by day. Day by day!
Oh dear Lord, three things I pray:
To see thee more clearly;
To love thee more dearly;
To follow thee more nearly.

You sweep your feet down alley street,
Sometimes you creep I never see you coming.
Monday, man your on my back like a napsack strapped with my heavy burden.
You cannot condemn me,
I won't buy your bag of goods.
You've got nothing for me anyway, that's why I pray.


These three things;
I do pray.
Day by day.
Day by day . . . (2X)


Day by day . . .



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