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We As Human by We As Human
We As Human (2013)
Label: Atlantic

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Dead Man by We As Human

This is it, this is where we make a stand
You and me, time to face this man to man
Can't you see we cannot go on
It's me against me again

I'm sick of the man I am within
Fighting me, making me fall down again
I commit, I'll commit your suicide
Now death will breathe you in

Sitting here at my graveside I've never been so alive
You pull the dead man out of me
I am not what I was, I'll never be what I was
You pulled the dead man out of me

I buried you, you were nearly my demise
It's only by the grace of God that I survived
I admit I was wrong to let you in
Never come back again

I can see all the possibilities rising up
Now that you're not holding me down
This is where I say goodbye
And put the last bullet between your eyes



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