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In Memory by April Sixth
In Memory (2005)
Label: Columbia

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Dear Angel by April Sixth

Dear angel of mine,
Where do I start to express how I feel?
Well, my love's gone blind.
Now all that I feel is what I hear.
Your words rip and tear,
through my heart so weak and pure.
Now, I find myself wanting to die…

I bleed for the second time tonight
holding all that's in my mind.
If only my love could be with you.
If only this pain, this pain die too!
I'll break you away, away, away from me.

As I sit here alone
thinking about everything that you said.
You know since I'm alone.
Well, maybe after all, I was better off dead.
Cause without you my life's gone down.
What do I do, when I find myself wanting to die?

And I don't know…I'll break you away!
Said, I'll break you away, away, away from me.
Sincerely Yours.



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