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Fireproof by Pillar
Fireproof (2003)
Label: MCA

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Echelon by Pillar

You know it's time for us to step it up
Another level know cause we finished warmin' up
So we rise up elevate to maintain fill up with octane
And fan the flame/ We regain all the names
The enemy took away
And like a green beret we will lead the way
Into battle so have no fear we will draw near
So that we can persevere like a gondolier
We headed straight to the top nonstop
Set shop at the top of the Rock
You'll feel the after shock after we rock the spot
Cause you forget these soliders won't turn and walk
/ We take hard knocks come back for more
Cause we're hardcore we fight for the One who died for
And like Saigon we're on the frontlines
And we carry on to the end times.

Now that it's on, we're out in front of this marathon,
With our armor on, stay strong and drive on.
Our echelon pressin' on 'til we reach the top,
And you know we don't stop, now that it's on.

We're on the enemy's hit list
I'm hopin' you get this
You're takin' a risk when you resist,
The One who made you exist.
Evolutionists, we got love for you too
But we're breakin' down walls seeking out for truth.
/ I'm a solider in this army of One
And like I told ya that battle's already won
So about face move outta the way I gotta pray for you
And this is how we do.



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