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The EP by Subseven
The EP (2004)
Label: Flicker

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Emotion by Subseven

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do I just let go - turn my head say “no”? -
should I go with the flow - try to take control (control)? -
would it be alright if I tried to deny - the Ghost of my life -
I don't feel so right (not so right).

emotion, who are you?
emotion, who are you? -

through darkness or light -You'll see me through -
Instill in me- what I feel in you -

these lyrics I scream - falling down on me -
these visions and dreams - what's this I see (in me)?
are you inside my bones - 'cause I feel you strong
everywhere I turn, Omipresent Ghost (you are a ghost) -

emotion who are you?



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