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Coming To Life by The Normals
Coming To Life (2000)
Label: Forefront

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Every Moment by The Normals

Here we can't stop moving
Can't let that fear creep in
That all of our ships are sinking
And no one here can swim
Truth we turned that word away
The Truth that welcomes us to stay

Where every moment of every day
Is summer and autumn and winter and spring
Lovers and loners and vagrants and kings
We're finally home

We've got worlds upon our shoulders
Atlas to our sin
From trying to be too good
For a broken dying man
Love so perfect love so right
Let us fall in love tonight

(repeat chrous)

Let us run free let us breathe wild
Let us not let your beauty pass us by
We can't wait to move on
Drop these ragged bones and step into our lives

(repeat chrous)



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