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Fluorescent Jellyfish by FurtherMore
Fluorescent Jellyfish (2000)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Fluorescent Jellyfish by FurtherMore

Fluorescent a jelly fischer style, easy to move when boneless inside, ethereal surreal feel the tide, tied to the board and waving good bye on a wave ride, take it in stride, crumble to the sky, so I can catch my breath breathe, before going in depth, please, enough with this weird stuff now let me give definition to who I am by who I am not, body rock precious furthermore will test this, better than your best wish, better rest unless your restless reckless, bounce, I like to go unannounced, your unaware I was there even in little amounts I said bounce, get your back off the wall, too cool for your own good here's a cure all Rock this world for you, whatever the world's coming to, whatever the world's going through, we'll rock this world for you Fluorescent a jelly fischer flash, pearly gates I just walk right past, too early for my taste but who asked, did you really think life would last, forever whether on or offshore she held my mouth shut then said tell me more your sure you want to be set free well my advice is don't listen to me cause the f-i-s-c-h-e-r is far from know it all's are heartless, I'd like to harness their brain and change it from pompousness to cute and harmless can't save the world do it regardless, like an artist who only paints darkness athlete's who won't play their hardest, gifted kids who hate being the smartest



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