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Transform by Rebecca St. James
Transform (2001)
Label: Forefront

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For The Love Of God by Rebecca St. James

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If I could speak with tongues of angels,
If I could write the future in the sky,
If I could know the wisdom of the ages,
But have no love, what would it mean?

For the love of God
Let this be my motivation.
For the love of God
In this love I'm recreated.
For the love of God
It's the reason for giving love away.
For the love of God

If I have faith, faith to move a mountain,
If I give all I own to the poor,
If I surrender my body to the flames,
But have no love, I have nothing.


When I am gone let it be said
That I loved you more than anything.
While I'm here may all men see
Your love in me.

(chorus x2)



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