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A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows by 77's
A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows (2001)
Label: Galaxy 21

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Genuine by 77's

Did you see the headlines?
Little things are blown to size and
its all 'round the world before you know
Were living in a time
with all the borders tripped and mined
Days are gone when you could just be

Another patient
on vacation
gone for days without your

In the end
One decision that you make
There is a way to face it
Lose your head
Find a way to get it on
cuz overnight
everything can be
so undone

Did you see the headlights?
A little pair of glowing eyes
staring at you down the lonely road
Did you dream you saw your life
drawn across a sharpened knife?
Made to watch as all the blood runs cold
Are you strong enough
to grow old?

Seize the moment now
There's so little time before it's gone
Redemption is at hand
No matter what chemical you've taken on
And if you use another plan
It's got to be the Genuine
Come, if you want to come,
I want you to live like you want to live anyway
I want you to stay if you want to stay
One decision, one decision
Is Genuine



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