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Soteria by Drive Thru Society
Soteria (2016)
Label: Independent

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I had plans to die today
I trusted this bottle to take it all away
and leave me cold
I had plans to die today
to fall asleep with nothing left to say
cause no one cares anyway
and as I'm staring at my reflexion now
it's screaming words at me
that I'm not worthy
so I took my life, took it in my hands
I decided I'm not worth a chance

why am I so dark inside?
these thoughts I cannot hide
I'll let go of my life
lay down my guard tonight
I destroy everything I touch
It'll be so easy to give up
these ghosts wrap me in their lies
nothing left to satisfy

I had plans to die today
but woke up to nurses all around
dressed in a gown
I had plans to die today
but someone else had a different frame
on my distorted view of reality
and as I laid there in my selfish state
sat between the walls of my fate
I felt a hope creep in instead
and truth re-wrote the words in my head

wide eyed disbelief takes me back
the world only sees a selfish act
but I swear I wanted to fight
I didn't want to give up tonight

I'm running blindly from death
but I see a light up ahead
I know that You hear me
I know You're listening

cause truth has rescued me
and I'll see daylight again
I wanna understand
that all You have for me, is all I'll ever need
cause I'm alive



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