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I'll Tell The World by Ever Stays Red
I'll Tell The World (2004)
Label: Wrinkle Free

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Glorious by Ever Stays Red

I can feel the way you are and I want you more
Than a warm summer rain or the quiet after the storm
Rain down on me your glory
Lord, let my heart know the wonders of your ways
Cause I remember being lost and alone
but before you know I find myself with hope
Hope to dream of endless fields with waves of green
And be taken away, be taken away with you

As I look up at the sky, on this glorious night
I can sense you here with me
Oh, I couldn't count the times I've allowed this sky
To remind me that you are
Glorious, God you are glorious

It seems every single day I'm amazed at the way
This world reveals your love
I couldn't ever find the words to explain
The ways in which you are

Glorious, God you are glorious
Daily, Daily I will let my life be a tribute
To the ways in which you are

I wanna live in you, wanna breathe in you
I wanna be all the things you've called me to
I wanna stay in you, put my faith in you
I wanna let my life reside in you

Let glory rain down on me
Let glory rain down on me
Let glory rain down on me

(repeat chous)



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