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Relient K by Relient K
Relient K (2000)
Label: Gotee

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Hello McFly by Relient K

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A roll of the dice, a slip of the tongue- I was stirring up the hornet's nest- it finally got me stung. (woah, woah)
I said I'd do the right thing, but the wrong was done.
It's over exduse my grammar but the fat lady sung. (woah, woah)

And I wish I was Michael J. Fox (Michael J. Fox)- I'd visit the past. Then come back to the future (Hello, McFly) when I cleaned up my act. Yeah, I don't know what went through my head.
Was my conscience shot? Was it left for dead?
I said, "I'm sorry," but no one heard, cause actions (actions, actions) actions speak louder than words.

I think I made God angry, yeah, I'm sure that He's irate.
I just hope that my remorse was not too little too late. (woah, woah) I gave Him my track record He gave me a clean slate.
I'm forgiven and I'm livin' with no sin on my plate. (woah, woah)




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