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Children 18-3 by Children 18-3
Children 18-3 (2008)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Homemade Valentine by Children 18-3

In the end there was nothing left but questions
What started as a revolution petered out in guilt and shame
We were set to change the world
We were at the helm of something big
And it seems impossible that we should lose everything

Are you the only stranger?
Have you not seen?

We pasted all our hopes on him
Like the paper hearts on a homemade valentine
But we wasted all our hopes on a whim
And they let us down
It's all coming down again

Still it's only three days past
Our king was cast and hope won't last
But it was so much more then memories to haunt the past
Tell me, if you understand, what could have been,what should have been
And if there's comfort anywhere it's resting now beneath the sand



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