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The Great Transparency by The Great Transparency
The Great Transparency (2012)
Label: RazzBarry

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How To Live by The Great Transparency

same coffee shop every weekday morning
her predictable life is getting real boring
she wants to know is there something more

backpack is on he's walking to school
a face in the crowd
just trying to make it through
the day but he want's something more

what if they changed the game
what if they said today

I'm gonna live live live
I'm gonna stand for something more
not gonna waste my time or this gift of life
like I have so many times before
I'm gonna matter
not gonna float through life like this
cause You showed me how to live
and not just exist

the world likes to fly right by if you let it
and its all up to me what I'll do when I catch it
cause I know You made me for so much more

there will be times when I still feel defeated
but the past is the past don't need to repeat it
I've been there before but I know there is so much more

I'm thankful for the change
thankful for today

You gave your life so I could live
You gave your love so I could give



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