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So Clearly by Stereo Deluxx
So Clearly (2000)
Label: Pamplin

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Hunger by Stereo Deluxx

All method, no madness
All the smoke has snuffed out the flame
Wanting so bad to appear the winner
Losing the race to get ahead in the game

And I guess the way it seems to be
Is that I'm just afraid, hey
But fear don't make no sense to me
When I look at what you gave

No other way to carry on
There's nothing I can do
No other love can save me
Let me hunger for You
Passion swallowed up in silence
That's heard across the room
As it screams in my head
Reservations, they keep me quiet
And I fail once again
To keep the promises I said

And I sink in my humility
And the foolishness of youth
But still You went through hell for me
So that I won't, so that I don't have to



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