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Where Do We Go From Here by Pillar
Where Do We Go From Here (2004)
Label: Flicker

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Hypnotized by Pillar

It's been far too long
We've known all along
This was going on
Can't seem to respond
To anything so we carry on
With our lives
We rewind
We can't find
We deny
The simple fact that we haven't done anything
That doesn't mean that we can't start offering
Why do we feel so far / It's like we're seeing stars
Why does it seem so hard?
To wake up now and see who we really are
So let go
Don't follow

Where do we go from here
How did it disappear
It's hard to see with our own eyes
These times (these lies)
We've been hypnotized

I think its time we try
To open up our eyes
And look away from the very thing
That's made us cry, we're hypnotized
And you'll see
The real me
It can be stopped
If the tick tock of life isn't all that you got
So come ready or not wake up its your last shot
So come to
And redo

Wake up now
Now it has been far too long
How can we not go wrong



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