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Engage by Pax217
Engage (2002)
Label: Forefront

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I'll See You by Pax217

it's amazing in all of this.
that You could find me in all of my mess.
i don't get it and i don't deserve You.
cause You're amazing and i am a fool.

show me You in everything.
show me You in everything.

i'll see You see You.
when the storm fades away.
and i'll see You see You.
when the skies open up
and i know [know] know that You love me [know]
and i know, know that You love me.

it's amazing what Your love brings.
it surrounds me like the air that i breathe.
i still don't get it. what You've given to me.
Your love unending it's all that i need.


well understanding You is somethin' that will never happen.
i can't comprehend an inch of what You mend
eternally inside me grace so sufficiently
that i am amazed at the fact that i exist
can't explain the way of how i'll make it through this.
but like a psalmist i'm asking You to calm this
storm that continues to persist and make me a mess.
in all my stress i repent for my lack of content.
show me You!

show me You [in everything].
show me You [in everything].
show me You [in everything].
show me You.




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