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Motor City Ska by The Insyderz
Motor City Ska (1997)
Label: Gumshoe

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I Say by The Insyderz

Well I can't understand why you treat me this way
You can't understand what I read and stuff I say
You come around here saying that you want to get away
When all you have to do is hit you knees and start to pray
I can't understand my God up above
Because after all I do, He still gives me love
I can't see what you see insyde of me
But I know the truth and the truth will set me free
When I'm all alone, You're always by my side
The Lifter of my head, the Lifter of my pride
I cannot wait until I hear the trumpets sound
And you will come back and once again walk this ground
I give you all my glory; I give it all to you
Because of all the stuff you have done
And all that witch you do
For I can't endure the things I see in this world day by day
But I can always count on you and give you all my praise.



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