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Lights Out by Silverline
Lights Out (2013)
Label: Dream

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Lights Out by Silverline

Oh I've never been one for fighting
More like run and hiding
Fear had taken over me
But the gloves are coming off this time
Whoa oh oh oh
Now that I found you
I see right through this dark view
Cause your love's taking over
I want to wake and see the truth
Let's take the old and make it new
Cause it's lights out, lights out
The game is over
Cause it's lights out, lights out
I ain't the same
The game is over
I was down for the count and
Life had beaten me down
Saved by the bell this time
I feel I'm waking up
Just like when the sun goes down on a western sky
I can look at my old life and wave bye, bye, bye
With the kiss of the morning sun this new day has begun



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