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Tunnel Vision by Channel Surfers
Tunnel Vision (1997)
Label: Organic

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Like Job by Channel Surfers

I represent the generation
Young minds gone mad
I represent the generation
Refraining from the latest purple haze craze fad
No longer disillusioned
Nor filled with hate
We're Houdinis when it comes to this dark world
We thought there was no escape

The old style is dead
It no longer subdues
Dividing soul and spirit
Judging thoughts and attitudes
When the tough times come
(And there'll be plenty)
I hide in the shelter of His mighty wings
'Cause His blessings aren't few, they're many

Beat down my body
Like with our man Job
Our God is with us
He's in complete control
Even though I'm hurting
I'm coming out of the hole
You can destroy this body
But you can't touch the soul
You can't touch my soul

I represent this generation
Sick of it all
I represent this generation
Refusing the age
Refuse to fall
Each minute passes
And with each breath
I breathe a sigh
I'm grateful that
I've been brought back from the dead



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