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West of Homeland by I Anthem
West of Homeland (2014)
Label: Mosaic Artistry Group

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Lonely Soul by I Anthem

Feels like we're running low
On all the things we thought we could control But I feel better off this way Somewhere I lost the hope In all the promises that I've been told Sad how we learn to let go

So don't hesitate I'm going under
Don't place the blame on those who slumber I, I've got a lot to learn

Oh I'm a lonely soul
Give me room to grow when I come clean
Oh I'm a lonely soul
Tell me does it show now I've come clean

Feels like I found escape
Admitting to the truth that I'm afraid
Now I feel better off this way

Now that I've learned how to admit
To all the darkness that I pit
Let truth shine light into my soul
Bring out the life buried beneath
Breathe life into the air I breathe
I know there's a song with in my lungs
I know you're singing over me



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