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Shoes of Innocence by Crafted
Shoes of Innocence (2002)
Label: Independent

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Lost by Crafted

Stuck in a mass confusion, between the lagging and bragging Iím caught.
You try to make me your illusion; between the picking and sticking Iím not.
Set off by the current exclusion, to keep a distance away I am taught.
Itís my officiality you shun; itís repealed and appealingly bought.

I never thought it would come to this, warping my thoughts.
Retribution derived from emptiness, now Iím afraid I am lost.
Losing my feeling, feeling Iím losing, like everyone else I am lost.
Feeling Iím losing, losing my feeling, like everyone else I am

Lost, like everyone else I am lost.

The crawling and stalling prevents me from falling, in that way I guess I am saved,
But overall my insides are brawling, I guess itís the pain that you crave.
I now hear the name youíre calling, the name youíre calling is slain.
But as long as the strong prolong the gift to hold on, the ending my path is paved.



(Selfish before, I walked alone, choosing wrong paths, ignoring your throne,
and yet here I am, still all alone, come live in my heart, for this is your home.)



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