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Scrub by Mayfair Laundry
Scrub (1997)
Label: Organic

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Lovely Feet by Mayfair Laundry

I want to tell it the man on the monn
To Jacques Cousteau in the ocean blue
Want to scream it at the top of my lungs
And whisper it when night time comes

Here's that good news

Read all about it to the kids at school
To the principal and teachers, too
To the bully stealing money for my lunch
And my best friend Sally who never heard once

I want lovely feet
Want to tell youthat Jesus loves me
I want lovely feet
Want to tell you that he loves you, too

I want lovely feet

Want to tell it to the Lonely Hearts Club
Still mopping up the money
Still trying to buy love
Take a letter to the stones that roll
No better send a fax cause they're getting old

Here's that good news

I want to know He's on the tip of my tongue
On the top of my list, on the highest rung
Nothing better than a modern day Dave
Wanna sing, wanna dance, wanna praise his name



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